Raja Paint Guard

Prevent colors from fading                              

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Raja Triple Action

Prevent Cracks and Water seepage

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Raja Plaster Guard

Strengthen your construction                           

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Welcome to Raja & Raja Waterproofing Pvt. Ltd.

Raja & Raja Waterproofing Pvt. Ltd. Pioneer in waterproofing techonology and specialise in solving any kind of leakage problem since 1984 is a all part of R. K. Group.

Raja & Raja Waterproofing Pvt. Ltd. has been solving the most complicated of leakages (waterproofing) with remarkable results for close to 29 years. It has developed the ultimate in waterproofing technology "Raj Technology" with this waterproofing technology we can solve any water leakage problem easily.

We do waterproof any types of Terraces, Parapetwalls, Sidewalls, Balconies, WC/Bathroom & Kitchen Sinks, R.C.C.Water Tanks, Swimming Pools, Basements and other R.C.C.Construction Structures without any breakage in ceilings, walls or flooring as is the case with all other conventional methods of waterproofing.

Leakage problems in Conceal Fitting Lines is solved without any breakage in WC/Bathroom & Kitchen Sinks.

We have maintained our leadership with all the credit to our Research & Development team and our continued client support.


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