Get your home waterproofed this summer!

India essentially follows three seasons – summer, monsoon, and winter. For most people the favourite season of the year is undoubtedly monsoon. The tip-tap water falling from the sky, the aromatic fragrance of the chai coupled with bhajiyas sets the mood right! But while it may be the favourite for us… are we sure it is a favourite season for our homes too?

You know the answer well, if your walls are cracking up and the leakage has begun then it is a definite NO! In that case why wait till the monsoons to get the walls of your home some healing?

Summer is suggestively the best time to get waterproofing done. The simplest tip that follows is to find the root of the problem on the outside before you waterproof your home from the inside. It may just prevent you from doing more expensive waterproofing.

If you own a cement home or building, you might want to make sure that you do several things that will help this structure withstand the effects of water damage.

Before the rains hit, it is wise to do a general check up of your home. Make this as an annual plan. Start with the roof or terrace and work your way down the entire building. Look for water entry points such as joints, cracks or stagnation. Check the utility areas, baths, kitchen sinks, pipe outlets and inlets, and most importantly, the basement or garage. Don’t forget to inspect areas around the windows and doors too which face the weather onslaught.

If you find any trouble spots, call us, we may be of some help but make sure you make your home happier before the monsoons are here by getting waterproofing done!

Listen to your walls…

A very popular saying in Hindi reads “Diwaron ke bhi kaan hote hain” but how we wish our walls actually had a mouth to speak then ears to hear. A talking wall would very conveniently tell us its current state of condition. But irrespective of that walls have their own way of communicating their damaged condition by giving us various signs of leakage…  have you ever tried to listen?

1. Paint Starts Chipping Off – The loose water inside the wall rooted by leakage saturates the dry wall and causes the paint to lose adhesion, as a result of which the paint on the exterior peels off.

2. Water Spots Appear on Exterior Walls – The water that seeps in the wall voids often mark out as visible stains as it slowly saturates the adjacent wall board or ceiling.

3. Fungal Growth on Walls – The water that accumulates in the walls starts promotes fungal growth which can be then seen with naked eyes on the exterior of the walls.

4. Unpleasant Odours – Hidden residual water stagnates and fosters mold and bacterial growth. This produces a musty, earthy smell that hints the unseen water damage.

A leakage on a wall is not the one to be ignored. If you see any of the above signs developed or even on the verge of developing immediately get your walls treated by getting a waterproofing solution done. Your walls can’t speak but you make sure you hear!