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What is Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membrane (LAM)? Liquid Applied Waterproofing is a process of waterproofing application using special liquid. It’s used for roofs like flat roofs, pitched roofs, domed roofs and walls also. Liquid applied Membrane involves Fully bonded monolithic coating application. This coating once cures forms a rubber like elastomeric waterproofed membrane. LAM are […]

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What is Waterproofing? Waterproofing is a protective measures or process or treatment that makes the surface or substrate water-resistant or prevents penetration of liquid, moisture intrusion under any circumstances (like hydrostatic pressure, capillary actions, etc.) What is Damp-proofing? A protective measure or process or treatment or system that is resistant to water vapor or minor […]

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What do you mean by Below Grade Structure (Underground Structure, Basement): Below Grade structures are also known as Below Ground structures. These structures are generally partially or fully beneath the ground level. Foundation, Basement and Drainage/Sanitary Systems are usually a part of below grade structure. Below grade structures generally faces following: Hydro-static Pressure from Ground […]

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