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Core waterproofing is first line of defence of a any homeowner or structure owner against regular structural weakening caused by seeping water into a structure from below grade and above grade. So, waterproofing must be one of the first important improvement & investment a homeowner/structure owner thinks. It is far superior, and more lucrative, to […]

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What is Waterproofing? Waterproofing is a protective measures or process or treatment that makes the surface or substrate water-resistant or prevents penetration of liquid, moisture intrusion under any circumstances (like hydrostatic pressure, capillary actions, etc.) What is Damp-proofing? A protective measure or process or treatment or system that is resistant to water vapor or minor […]

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A very popular saying in Hindi reads “Diwaron ke bhi kaan hote hain” but how we wish our walls actually had a mouth to speak then ears to hear. A talking wall would very conveniently tell us its current state of condition. But irrespective of that walls have their own way of communicating their damaged […]

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What do you mean by Above Grade Structure (Open to Sky Structure): Above grade structures are also known as Building structure. These structures are fully above the ground level and exposed to atmospheric conditions. Above grade structures generally undergoes following: Air Pressure differences Hot & Cold Cycles due to climatic conditions Wind forces Surface tensions […]

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