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Step by step Waterproofing for existing Terrace roof

Do you know?  That the summer is the only and last moment to fix all odds that occurred during the last monsoon such as Leakage...
Roof Top Garden & Farmingvideo

Rooftop Garden & Farming (Using a terrace for Gardening & Farming with robust Waterproofing)

Usually we see the Farmland & Garden on the mother-earth, but this client wanted Farm & Garden to be on his terrace, a Rooftop...

Waterproofing for a Green Roof

Waterproofing for a Green Roof: What is green roof? A green roof is also called a living life of a concrete jungle. The reason being these...

Differences between Below Ground and Above Ground systems

The Below Grade Waterproofing system & Above Grade Waterproofing system have both defined & unique problem statement, which are different from each other. The common...