Home Seepage

Importance of Waterproofing

Importance of Waterproofing for Building structures:      Water an element of the universe which is creator & destroyer to most of the things within this...

Need of Waterproofing for R.C.C. Structure

Need of Waterproofing for concrete structures:      Waterproofing has all different meanings across industries to industries. In constructions it is a measure to prevent...
Roof Top Garden & Farmingvideo

Rooftop Garden & Farming (Using a terrace for Gardening & Farming with robust Waterproofing)

Usually we see the Farmland & Garden on the mother-earth, but this client wanted Farm & Garden to be on his terrace, a Rooftop...

Dampness | Damp Proofing | Damp Proofing Course

About Dampness: The word Damp means moisture diffused on the solid surface through condensation or air diffusion turning the surface to feel Slightly wet. Also,...

Growth of Algae, Mold & Moss on Structures

Being one of the Waterproofing Expert, it's obvious to be always learning & exploring personality. Because no two problems in our cases are of...

Need of Waterproofing – Symptoms of Seepage & Leakage

According to an ancient saying that “Prevention is Better than Cure”, same concept applies towards structural integrity of your home & premises for leakage....