Home Seepage

How to investigate water leakage?

Water leakages which happen in structures that are either new or older than 10 years generally. In both the cases, the property is at major...
Roof Top Garden & Farmingvideo

Rooftop Garden & Farming (Using a terrace for Gardening & Farming with robust Waterproofing)

Usually we see the Farmland & Garden on the mother-earth, but this client wanted Farm & Garden to be on his terrace, a Rooftop...

Why Waterproofing Fails?

Imagine a condition: A house is having a series of leakage spots at the walls & ceiling. They called the waterproofing guy and got the...

Need of Waterproofing for R.C.C. Structure

Need of Waterproofing for concrete structures:      Waterproofing has all different meanings across industries to industries. In constructions it is a measure to prevent...

Need of Waterproofing – Symptoms of Seepage & Leakage

According to an ancient saying that “Prevention is Better than Cure”, same concept applies towards structural integrity of your home & premises for leakage....

Importance of Waterproofing

Importance of Waterproofing for Building structures:      Water an element of the universe which is creator & destroyer to most of the things within this...