Terrace Waterproofing

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About Terraces:

The word Terrace is originated from Latin word for Earth – TERRA derived in early 16th century.
A Terrace is an outdoor open to sky structure with flat surface area over an existing structure/building made using Concrete slab or wooden frameworks or steel frameworks.
Now-a- days terrace is nothing less than extension of pure living space; to relax with family and gather with friends.

Why Waterproofing Is Important for Terraces?

Appropriate waterproofing is important for a premises-owner against regular structural weakening caused by seeping water from below and above. Terrace Coating must be one of the important improvements consider by a homeowner, because it is far more important, and more lucrative, to avoid rather than undergo a disaster in the coming future.

To know why Terrace Waterproofing Coating is crucial, you have to identify what its function and purpose is. Generally, it is the procedure of rendering an object defiant to water and can be executed on something from paper milk to rain coats and juice cartons. But here in this article, we are paying attention in Terrace Weatherproofing Coating because it relates to housing. Exterior and interior walls, foundations, roofs, pipes, joints and basements all want waterproofing and sealant of some type. Terrace waterproofing and its fittings it is not just a case of spanking a new paint coat. Proper waterproofing aims for the ongoing cure and prevention of water damage, except cover up of damage done already

Terrace is the outdoor, external, most open, exposed surface of the structure and undergoes severe weather conditions round the year such as Heat, Rain, Winds and Cold/Snow. The surface of terrace needs to have the susceptibility to undergo all these environmental changes and proper protection-resistance to withstand all these environmental changes.
Absence or inadequate weatherproofing in this area can lead to variety of issues like High heat at ceiling, leakages / seepages in ceiling, wear and tear of surface and lastly blistering of the surface area due to cold & heat transformation.

Terraces made from Concrete can withstand a higher amount wind and heat-cold transformation but eventually cracks due to repeated day-night heat-cold transformation, exposure to UV rays; Inviting water ingress through cracks during rains.

Terraces made from wood are shear cost of maintenance and needs to be protected against rain as the water damages to wood and forms molds & gradually decays the same. They have fantastic UV resistance

 Similarly, terraces made from steel framework have drawbacks over heat, lightening and rain protection leading to formation of rust and shocks.

Structure Material Concrete Wood Steel
Resistance to Wear Ratings High Moderately Low Medium
Risk Cracking of Concrete leading ton seepage / leakage Bulging of wood leading to formation of mold & fungus along with misalignment Exposure to weather leads to oxidation and formation of rust.
Problems Cracks & Leakage Mold & Fungus Oxidational Rust, Electric Shocks

Do you know why Terrace Waterproofing Solution & Terrace Weatherproofing Solution is important?

First, it keeps secure your home from different elements such as rain, sun and humidity that are relentless and harsh.
It is the unvarying weather effect on a home that causes damage in the first place, and the execution of waterproofing procedures will go a long manner towards decreasing severe structural harm. Waterproofing for Terrace stops health problems which arise from the occurrence of damp exterior walls, mold spores not to talk about keeping out all the sinister crawlies which enter through cracks where there is no proper waterproofing. Terrace waterproofing keeps secure your possessions from water damage and mildew. A home without sufficient waterproofing will frequently give you troubles and cost more to repair later, so, problems prevention caused by water is superior to cure, and somewhat expense now can save you huge future money. Apart from waterproofing, you can even think about Terrace Cool Coating, if your home is not completely insulated from outside weather

In case you have a plain roof on your property, then you must waterproof it every so often as water collects on this type of roofs. Before choosing any waterproofing expert, you should check Waterproofing for Terrace Price and then choose a best. It is suggested you to not go with cheap ones, because it is all about your dream home’s security. You should always Fixit Waterproofing for terrace because it can give your long-lasting security at affordable price.

In India, Terraces are created by Concrete channeled on concrete / wood /steel support columns.
In past, Terraces were generally waterproofed by doing Brick-Bat Coba, Mud Phuska Treatment, China Mosaic Treatment, Sheet Wrapping systems or bitumen-based coatings. These were called traditional or conventional waterproofing systems.

Traditional or Conventional Waterproofing systems are not Weatherproofing Systems.
But even all weatherproofing Systems are not waterproofed systems rather Water resistance systems.

Modern time waterproofing techniques for Terrace:

  • Polymer Based Liquid Applied Seamless Membrane Waterproofing Coating (Cementitious Polymer based, Acrylic Polymer Based, Polyurethane based, Polyurea Based)
  • Pre-Formed Membrane based (SBS Membrane, EPDM Membrane, APP Membrane PVC Membrane)
  • Integral Waterproofing (Admixtures)
  • Remedial Waterproofing
  • Injection Grouting (PUR Injection Grouting, Cementitious Injection Grouting, Resin Injection Grouting)

Few Waterproofing & Weatherproofing combined systems are:

  • Polyurethane based liquid applied seamless membrane
  • Polyurea based liquid applied seamless membrane

Best Product/System to choose for your Terrace:

Depending upon various factors like present site condition, geographic location of structure, age of the structure, utility of the terrace the product / system recommendation could be done.

Various Pre-Logged Factors:

On Basis of Physical Site Condition / Age of Structure:

  • Under Construction: Integral Waterproofing followed by Brick-Bat Coba
  • Site age up to 15 Years: Cementitious / Acrylic Based System
  • Site age between 15 years to 35 years: Acrylic Based System / Polyurethane based system
  • Site Older to 35 years:
    • Sound Surface: Remedial Resurfacing followed by Acrylic Based System
    • Hollow Surface: Rejuvenation Brick-Bat Coba system followed by IPS

On Basis of Geographic Location:

  • Near to Coast Line (Heavy Rain impact): Polyurethane based
  • Away from Coast Line (Relatively low rain impact): Cementitious / Acrylic Based
  • Near to High Ground Movement: Polyurethane Based / Polyurea Based

On Basis of Purpose of Utility:

  • Basic Day to Day operation: Acrylic Based
  • Roof Gardening: Acrylic Based / Polyurethane Based
  • Foot Traffic: Polyurethane Based
  • Vehicular Traffic: Polyurethane Based / Polyurea Based

These are just a pre-logged reckoner reference guide.
Actual selection of the product / system is done on through analysis of site.

What’s ideal product for Waterproofing of Terrace shall be:

As we already discussed the Basic aspect of Waterproofing, we understand the product / system shall possess following properties:

  1. Highly impermeable but breathable
  2. Highly durable
  3. High anti abrasive surface
  4. Trafficable surface
  5. Highly Flexible
  6. High Crack bridging ability
  7. Self-Curing
  8. Resistance to UV rays & Reflecting ability
  9. High Resistance to Heat & Cold (Insulation)
  10. Low Dust pickup
  11. Anti-Rooting
  12. Anti-Slippery

Products by type of Application for Terrace Waterproofing:

Liquid Applied Seamless Membrane / Liquid Applied Continuous Membrane:

  • Cold Applied:

    • Cementitious Membrane

    • Polymer Based

      • Acrylic Based
      • Epoxy Based
      • Polyurethane Based
      • Polyurea Based
  • Hot Applied:

    • Bitumen Based

    • Polymer Based

      • Polyurethane Based
      • Polyurea Based

Pre-Formed Membrane:

  • Hot Applied

    • Tar Sheet

    • Torch Applied Modified Bitumen based membrane

  • Cold Applied

    • EPDM Membrane

    • PVC Membrane

Comparison Between Cementitious vs Acrylic Based vs PolyUrethane Based vs PolyUrea Based systems for terrace:

Comparison Chart for Various Systems for Terrace:
Cementitious Acrylic Based PolyUrethane Based PolyUrea Based
Basic Content / Chemistry: Cement + SBR/Polymer Acrylic Polymer Polyol + Di- or Poly- isocyanate Polyol + Poly- Isocyanate
Durability (In Years)
(Min – Max):
3-8 Years 4-10 Years 5-18 Years 8-25 Years
Resistance to Wear
(0- Poor; 10- Best):
3 5 7 10
Resistance to Chemical
(0- Poor; 10- Best):
1 3 6 8
Tensile Strength
Moderately Good Good Very Good Excellent
Moderately Good Good Excellent Good
Application Through: Brush = Yes
Roller = Yes
Spray = May be
Brush = Yes
Roller = Yes
Spray = Yes
Brush = Yes
Roller = Yes
Spray = Yes
Brush = Yes
Roller = May be
Spray = Yes
Overall Performance Rating (Max.:10): 4 5 7 9

It is a wonderful idea to regularly check your home / office / structure for water damage signs (Technical Survey visits are available on request Request here), inside and out, and not to allow small cracks go un-noticed as water will collect in, and they can get bigger and want more effort and money to repair. Bubbling or peeling paint is good signs that water problem has already happened and that waterproofing should be done Even, confirm that your gutters are perfectly clear and you have good overflow around the home’s exterior.


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